how to overcome fear of failure

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

What set us apart is not about what we can do, it’s about what we will do.

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The reason why people succeed most of the time, is not because how talented they are.

But because no matter how many failures they have, they continue to reflect on them, keep on trying and push forward.

Many people in our lives, sometimes including ourselves, we stop trying because we are afraid of failure. BUT that is the ultimate failure in life! They will tell you that they have tried everything but it doesn’t work. But when you ask them what did they try, they could probably just give you a few.

The thing is, if the results don’t work, try something else. What if it doesn’t work, try something else!! Do you remember when you are a kid trying to learn how to walk. No matter how many you fall, you stand up, you become stronger, and you try again!

You fall again and again, but every time you will stand up again and try it again, until you freaking learn how to walk. But when you grow up as an adult, why do you lose this spirit of trying and embracing failure? That is just part and parcel of our lives.

Remember, there is no absolute failure. As long as you ponder on your failure, you got an education. You NEVER lose. You will only GAIN A LESSON from there. If you find this video inspires you in any way, share it out! You never know. You may just inspire your friend who is on the brink of almost giving up. See you tomorrow! Bye!


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